New track: Bondage

Here is my latest attempt to bewitch the dancefloor by layering a 1969 psychedelic spell recorded by Louise Huebner (aka the “Official Witch of Los Angeles County”) onto energetic club beats and sinister sounds to invoke spellbound dancing and an astral experience for clubgoers.

You can listen to the full original spell from Louise Huebner here:

Free download; enjoy!

Upcoming gigs: Summertime Edition


Where I’ll be this summer (so far):

June 20th – All Vinyl Party Illegal, Durham
July 10th – Dreaming of the 90’s, Durham
July 16th – Double Duchess, Durham
July 17th – Party Illegal Spirit House Benefit, Durham
August 8th – Dark Entries Goth Night, Durham

Also, I may be slinging records at the Atomic Fern in the near future, I’m sure there will be another Tootie’s dance party, and I might be paying a visit to a new party in Asheville this summer….And, as always, WEDDINGS!

Finally, I’ll be producing some new tracks and plan on recording a new mix at some point this summer. Stoked to show y’all what I’ve been working on.

Tainted Love

80’s nostalgia was a thing of the past….until tonight. Join Dudefemme and I as we break out our guilty pleasure records for you all (including my coveted Richard Simmons record). I also apparently have a lot of clothing that could pass off as 80’s so who knows what I’ll be wearing. This also might morph into the goth/industrial night for a moment while we’re playing new wave but don’t worry, we’ll bring it back to Whitney and Prince.

Tainted Love: An 80’s Party


Y’all Ain’t Ready for Tootie’s New Bar

As originally posted on Clarion Content.

Tootie’s Bar on Rigsbee is now open across the street from The Bar and Surf Club, in the building formerly known as Lloyd’s Lounge. You may have heard of Tootie through a number of ways – she’s a Durham staple. Maybe you have bought delicious food from her food truck, Tootie’s Mobile Kitchen and Catering, now housed outside of her bar, serving finger-licking late night comfort food. Or perhaps you contributed to her campaign a while back to help her create Tootie’s Bar. If you don’t already know Tootie, you should.

A long-time Durhamite, Carolyn Holloway (Tootie) has been cooking her unique soul food with the utmost love for the community for years. About nine years ago, she created her infamous food truck, providing jobs for her neighbors and friends and giving back to the community through events such as Thanksgiving in Spring (also know as the Longest Dinner Table in Durham) and Build a Better Block. Tootie has recently purchased Lloyd’s Lounge, taking her community building to the next level with a friendly bar and event space.

Right down the road is Cocoa Cinnamon, a bustling Durham business with not one, not two, but THREE DJ baristas who will playing the best of dancehall, reggaeton, Baltimore club and 90’s Hip-Hop at Tootie’s this Saturday night. Areli Barrera de Grodski (Birdgherl) and I (PlayPlay) will be joining forces with K Daddy (Kristen Dorsey, barista and student at NCCU) for her DJ debut! This will be a great opportunity to support Tootie’s AND get your dance on.

Y'all Ain't Ready (1)

A History of Protest Music: Parts 1 and 2

I’ve been writing a lot for Clarion Content lately, including a series on protest music. If you know me, you know this is what I originally wanted to focus my master’s thesis on.  Included in each article are a ton of links, videos, and more so you can choose your own adventure. I’ve published two so far, with many more to come!


Part 1: From Slave Spirituals to the Music of the 1960’s Civil Rights Movement

Part 2: From Funk and Soul to Gangster Rap and Hip Hop Feminism

DJ PingPong

I’m going to be bouncing around all weekend between Durham and Chapel Hill; I’ve stretched, hydrated, organized my music and I’m ready to go! Here’s what I have going on:

Friday night (10pm-midnight, the airwaves) – Live set on 89.3 FM for WXYC’s New Science Experience. There is no telling what I will play.

Saturday afternoon (3-4:15pm, Chapel Hill) – TEMPOROBIX. Yes, I’m DJ’ing an aerobics class! And not just any aerobics class, but one led by Sarah Honer aka the lady DJ’ing the goth/industrial party with me at the Pinhook aka the one and only…Fifi Hi-fi. More details here. Let’s just say Richard Simmons would be into this.

Saturday night (10pm-2am, Durham) – PARTY ILLEGAL. I’ll be setting up for a particularly epic Illegal at the Pinhook, with GRRL, TREEE CITY, JIL and DJ ILLY on the bill (lowercase names are so passé…). $5 before 11pm, nice and cheap. Also we have a photographer this go round so throw on all yr glitter.

Saturday night (10pm-2am, Chapel Hill) – ACTUAL DANCING HAS COMPANY. The link to the event is here and it’s at the Nightlight. (Spoiler: I’m the company.) I’ll be throwing a B2B set with One Duran, who I last got to share a stage with when Ripley came into townJack Ward (the artist formerly known as Yugen who threw down at Illegal last month) will be tagging with guest DJ Karina S., and then there’s a mysterious special guest playing with Sponge Bath. And Mike D. always knows how to decorate a party.

Sunday (4am-4pm, Durham) – I SLEEP.

*The video is from Mighty Mark ft TT the Artist and Sushi Samson. Mighty Mark and TT were both in Durham for Illegal recently and were super rad! Hopefully they’ll come back through soon…

PlayPlay remixes for free download

It’s been a busy 2015 so far, and all I’ve wanted to do lately is produce music. I have several remixes and original tracks in the works, but have put the beat-making on hold while I prepare my presentation for the IASPM-US conference in Louisville (more on that later). In the meantime, I have two remixes up for the taking on Soundcloud.  I created these beats around two acapellas, DMX’s “Get It on the Floor” and Da Brat f/ Missy Elliott & JD’s “That’s What I’m Looking For (Mr. Dupri Remix).” Enjoy!


Dreaming of the 90s….

It’s time for the third edition of the Dreaming of the 90’s dance party at the Pinhook. Areli (Birdgherl) and I will be spinning 4 hours of this angsty decade’s finest tunes from 10-2 this Friday, 12/12 right after the Chris Pureka show.

90s party 3.001

Nostalgia is one of my guilty pleasures, and I feel the guiltiest about wanting to relive the 90’s in particular. I HATED the 90’s when I was actually there, stuck and wanting an escape. But then again, I hated everything back then. Now it’s 20 years later and here I am being hit by the nostalgia train. Songs I used to hate, clothes that used to make me cringe, celebrities I thought were total losers (oh hey, Tori Spelling)…all suddenly feel like a warm blanket.

A few years ago, I compiled a bunch of 90’s tunes and threw a “My So-Called Dance Party” (over my love for the angsty show My So Called Life, duhhh) and found that at the end of the night, the dancefloor was still packed with people screaming the lyrics to Zombie and interpretive dancing to SWV. After that, I decided not to be so ashamed of my 90’s nostalgia because I am not alone.

Lately I’ve been on a 90’s riot grrrl and industrial binge and Areli has been revisiting the music of her yesteryear, 90’s latin (shoutout to Selena!). You’ll hear this a bit in our sets, as well as Areli’s usual specialty – 90’s R&B, and mine – 90’s club hits and electronica (a term that went out with the 90’s, apparently). Also, we’ll always shamelessly play 90’s pop, such as…..

Forgetting the dance party for a minute, let me just list off for you a few tunes that were always on repeat in my headphones. Just a few.

Sneaker Pimps – 6 Underground

Luscious Jackson – Naked Eye

Liz Phair – Supernova

SWV – Right Here

PM Dawn – Set Adrift on Memory Bliss

Sonic Youth – Teenage Riot

Garbage – Only Happy When It Rains

Deee-Lite – Runaway

Hole – She Walks on Me

Nas – The Message

Babes in Toyland – Sweet 69

Archers of Loaf – Web in Front

And, probably the most embarrassing of these:  Space Hog – In the Meantime

This is not anywhere near a comprehensive list and I know I’m forgetting some really integral parts of my teenage angst but this is a good start…

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