Moogfest 2017

Here’s where I’ll be this year at Moogfest:

Thursday Moogfest Workshop: DJ 101 for Women & Gender Non-Conformers

This workshop, specifically for women and genderqueer community members, will teach the basics of DJing. Attendees will learn about turntablism, beatmatching, set composition, and the art of reading a crowd. This will be a hands-on workshop, encouraging attendees to hop on turntables and CDJs to mix tracks together.

Friday Moogfest Panel: Grassroots Musical Activism (with Pierce Freelon, Laila Nur, and Dr. Mark Katz)

How can musicians use their artistry to promote important social and political causes? Join this conversation with a group of acclaimed musicians and scholars, and learn how they are working to improve their communities and the world, through music… and discover how you can do the same.

Saturday Daytime DJ set: The Durham Hotel (1-4pm)

Sunday Disco Brunch DJ set: The Durham Hotel