Hostile Sounds discussion

This Thursday 2/2, I’ll be on a panel discussing the way in which sound can be used by activists as a source of power. Joining me on the panel will be Tina Haver Currin, Christopher DeLaurenti, and Rodrigo Dorfman.

In approaching this discussion, I’m thinking about the ways in which the police use high-pitched sonic weapons to create an atmosphere of fear among activists, particularly the LRAD and police sirens. I just released a track that samples the LRAD and police sirens but then flips them into tools for a club track that people can dance to. In doing this, I hope to temporarily disarm their sonic weapons and turn them into something that can unite activists on the dancefloor.

Some of my favorite artists sample & flip sonic weapons in their tracks – everyone from KRS-One to False Witness. They have inspired me to give it a try with this new track. Overtly political music is once again on an upswing, and I look forward to hearing about the ways people have been using music as a tool for activism.

Here’s my latest contribution:

The event Thursday: