DJ PingPong

I’m going to be bouncing around all weekend between Durham and Chapel Hill; I’ve stretched, hydrated, organized my music and I’m ready to go! Here’s what I have going on:

Friday night (10pm-midnight, the airwaves) – Live set on 89.3 FM for WXYC’s New Science Experience. There is no telling what I will play.

Saturday afternoon (3-4:15pm, Chapel Hill) – TEMPOROBIX. Yes, I’m DJ’ing an aerobics class! And not just any aerobics class, but one led by Sarah Honer aka the lady DJ’ing the goth/industrial party with me at the Pinhook aka the one and only…Fifi Hi-fi. More details here. Let’s just say Richard Simmons would be into this.

Saturday night (10pm-2am, Durham) – PARTY ILLEGAL. I’ll be setting up for a particularly epic Illegal at the Pinhook, with GRRL, TREEE CITY, JIL and DJ ILLY on the bill (lowercase names are so passé…). $5 before 11pm, nice and cheap. Also we have a photographer this go round so throw on all yr glitter.

Saturday night (10pm-2am, Chapel Hill) – ACTUAL DANCING HAS COMPANY. The link to the event is here and it’s at the Nightlight. (Spoiler: I’m the company.) I’ll be throwing a B2B set with One Duran, who I last got to share a stage with when Ripley came into townJack Ward (the artist formerly known as Yugen who threw down at Illegal last month) will be tagging with guest DJ Karina S., and then there’s a mysterious special guest playing with Sponge Bath. And Mike D. always knows how to decorate a party.

Sunday (4am-4pm, Durham) – I SLEEP.

*The video is from Mighty Mark ft TT the Artist and Sushi Samson. Mighty Mark and TT were both in Durham for Illegal recently and were super rad! Hopefully they’ll come back through soon…