ARoS Museum Residency

During the month of August I was selected to be an artist-in-residence for ARoS Museum in Denmark via Flux Factory (my other residency), where I developed the music for my next EP, as well as creating a new live set using the Ableton Push and Ableton 10. I also held two DJ 101 workshops, one for teenage girls and one for adults.  Working in a public space, I was able to collaborate with several of the visual artists sharing the space, as well as interact with Danish museum attendees curious about what they were seeing and hearing. Super fun experience! Below are some highlights, and soon you will hear the music I created 🙂


The artists-in-residents I had the luck of sharing this creative space with. I believe there’s at least 7 countries represented here 🙂
Doing the two things I love the most – DJ’ing and teaching
Teaching the teenage daughters of professors at a nearby Danish university
One of the residents made these cards for us all!
On a field trip to Copenhagen


The residents at a Danish picnic

Winter Tour 2017

Going on tour down south before I move up north next month 🙂

12/7 – Le Bang @ Snug Harbor, Charlotte

12/8 – Mix 4 @ Club One, Savannah

12/9 – WATERPROOF for Internet Friends @ Art Basel, Miami

August 2017

I’ll be crawling out of the black hole that is music producing to play several parties this month! Playing several club nights, including a guest set at HEAVY NYC, as well as a couple of disco and early electro sets, a goth industrial night, and a special early vs late 90s hip-hop/r&b set. 

July Live Synth Performance Dates

This month I’ve reduced my DJ gigs to concentrate on performing live with synths (Moog Mother 32+ Werkstatt) & my Electribe Sampler. So far I’ve just been rocking out in my room but it’s time to take the show on the road. Here’s where you can find me this month.

7/11 Arcana (Durham)
Experimental Tues // playplay + discotoño
7/13 Flux Factory (NYC) + DJ set
Flux Thursday: Tongue Tide
7/23 Neptunes (Raleigh)
Deep Sleeper w/ Brutal Junior, and PLAYPLAY
7/24 21C (Durham) + DJ set
No. 19 / Modulations

Moogfest 2017

Here’s where I’ll be this year at Moogfest:

Thursday Moogfest Workshop: DJ 101 for Women & Gender Non-Conformers

This workshop, specifically for women and genderqueer community members, will teach the basics of DJing. Attendees will learn about turntablism, beatmatching, set composition, and the art of reading a crowd. This will be a hands-on workshop, encouraging attendees to hop on turntables and CDJs to mix tracks together.

Friday Moogfest Panel: Grassroots Musical Activism (with Pierce Freelon, Laila Nur, and Dr. Mark Katz)

How can musicians use their artistry to promote important social and political causes? Join this conversation with a group of acclaimed musicians and scholars, and learn how they are working to improve their communities and the world, through music… and discover how you can do the same.

Saturday Daytime DJ set: The Durham Hotel (1-4pm)

Sunday Disco Brunch DJ set: The Durham Hotel

Spring Schedule

Here’s where I’ll be for the rest of March & April. Busy month! There are a lot of different gigs on this list, genre-wise, so no two sets will be the same. I just returned from an epic trip through Mexico City and LA, and I’m feeling very musically inspired by all of the sounds I heard and all of the parties I went to. Both of these cities exude creative energy, & I definitely soaked alllll up in it. Anyway, ready to carry this energy forward into my sets and production in NC this spring!

Hostile Sounds discussion

This Thursday 2/2, I’ll be on a panel discussing the way in which sound can be used by activists as a source of power. Joining me on the panel will be Tina Haver Currin, Christopher DeLaurenti, and Rodrigo Dorfman.

In approaching this discussion, I’m thinking about the ways in which the police use high-pitched sonic weapons to create an atmosphere of fear among activists, particularly the LRAD and police sirens. I just released a track that samples the LRAD and police sirens but then flips them into tools for a club track that people can dance to. In doing this, I hope to temporarily disarm their sonic weapons and turn them into something that can unite activists on the dancefloor.

Some of my favorite artists sample & flip sonic weapons in their tracks – everyone from KRS-One to False Witness. They have inspired me to give it a try with this new track. Overtly political music is once again on an upswing, and I look forward to hearing about the ways people have been using music as a tool for activism.

Here’s my latest contribution:

The event Thursday:

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